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Welcome To The Web's Most Complete Hub For "Mick The Quick"

Welcome to the internet's most complete, yet unofficial, hub for information on the former Major League All-Star and World Series Champion.


Mickey could run like the wind.  It is amazing how his career went from being a prolific base stealer in California, to setting the table for the late 1970's Yankees dynasty, to setting franchise batting records in Texas.


For those of us that wittnessed his skills in his prime, no one covered more ground, had more fun, or tinkered with the English language than "Mick the Quick".


Well known author and statistician Bill James selected Mickey as the 59th greatest Centerfielder of all-time and shared this with me about Mickey Rivers;

"I have never met Mickey Rivers, but I will never forget him.  Mickey was in no respect average.   In some ways he was far better than average; in some ways he was far worse than average; in some ways he was lovable; in some ways he was annoying.   But he was always something.   He didn't throw normal.  He didn't run normal, unless you consider mercury normal.   He didn't swing normal.  He didn't talk normal.   He didn't think normal.   He was fast, quick, unique, quotable, fun to watch.   As Shakespeare said, "What a piece of work is Mickey."


So with that said, I invite you to browse around the site, laugh, and enjoy!


Play ball!


-The Team

Luis Tiant discusses Mickey Rivers being the toughest hitter he ever faced

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